We believe every student should think with depth, believe with courage, and serve with compassion.

What is classical Christian education?

Modern education seeks to train for a job or a career. Classical Christian education prepares students to be excellent learners, rigorous thinkers, and effective doers.

What’s the difference?

Watch this short video that explains the difference between a Christian school and a Classical Christian school.
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Grades K-6

The grammar phase provides the building blocks for the logic and rhetoric phases. Children are eager to memorize and we challenge them with facts that span all subjects from Bible to history to science.

Grades 7-8

During the middle school years, children begin to think independently and ask “Why?” Classical Christian education teaches children in this phase logical thinking and the art of reason and debate.

Grades 9-12

Once a student has obtained knowledge (grammar) and the skills necessary to arrange those facts into arguments (logic), he will develop the skill of communicating effectively to others (rhetoric).

Why choose Ambrose?


At Ambrose we acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord over all life and the Bible as the final authority in matters of life and thought.


A time-tested method of education that uses scripture as the basis of all Truth, instills the wisdom of history, teaches critical thinking and communication skills, and produces a joy of learning for life.


We are a close-knit community of like-minded Christian families representing over 80 local churches. We offer fellowship and service opportunities to bring families together in Christ.


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“Not only have my kids enjoyed immediate friendships, amazing teachers and staff, and top-notch education and instruction, but their hearts are continuously being turned to find their joy in Jesus! We praise God for the faithful stewardship of The Ambrose School!”
-The Eagy Family-

What are my options?

5-Day Program

This option provides five days of traditional in-classroom teaching on campus from 7:45 am to 2:15 pm (3:00 pm for upper school).

Bridge Program

Our Bridge Program provides two days of on-campus instruction plus lesson plans for three days of parent-led instruction at home.

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We are so excited to share a fun story hour with families in our community! Approximately twice a month (see schedule below) children four and

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