Welcome to The Ambrose School

Grace and peace to you!

It is such a joy to sit down with new prospective families and hear about the desires they have for their children as they consider where to send them to school. There is hardly a more important question for us as parents to answer than this: How should we educate our children? And there are so many choices and flavors of education in the Treasure Valley.

The thing that makes The Ambrose School so unique is that the sum total of the student’s experience is designed to answer questions like: Who is God? What is He like? How can I know Him? How should I live?

In the Grammar School we answer these questions through catechism questions and answers and scripture memory centered around grade level themes (K: Obedience, 1: God’s Perfect Plan, 2: The Fruit of the Spirit, 3: The Seven Virtues, 4: The Four Loves, 5: The Great Ideas, and 6: The Good Life/The Public Square).

In the Logic and Rhetoric Schools we answer these questions by deeply engaging with the Great Ideas and The Great Books, examining them through the lens of scripture.

Across the whole school we strive to integrate all subjects so that students see that God is present in all things. Chemistry, calculus, spelling, phonics, history – all are under the authority of Christ our King. As Dorothy Sayers said in her famous essay, The Lost Tools of Learning, subjects “are all to be regarded as mere grist for the mental mill to work upon.” Are SAT scores and college scholarships important? Of course! But only inasmuch as they are rightly ordered within the context of the formation of the eternal soul. I often remind myself and the teachers of this sobering passage from James: “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.” It is a weighty matter for all of us – as parents and teachers.

All of that to say this: We are committed to this philosophy of education and take very seriously our charge to support you and your children as we all strive to answer these most important questions.

In Christ,
Carl Warmouth

Mr. Carl Warmouth
Head of School


One of the best things about The Ambrose School is becoming part of an exceptional community.

We’re all students

Everyone at The Ambrose School has the same occupation. We’re students pursuing Truth. Learning is more interesting when you ask tougher questions. When you seek deeper Truth. When you engage with your friends on things that matter.


You’re respected here. Our building, our challenging curriculum, and our environment are designed for one thing– excellent learning to the glory of God.  Not learning stuff simply to repeat on a test and jump through hoops, but ideas from thinkers who have steered the course of human history. We pursue that which will make a difference in our world– meaningful judgments about how things should be, not how they are.


Every thought is taken captive to Christ. No one will try to stop you at an artificial line between your faith and the universe in which you live. This continuous integration of every subject with Christian Truth presents an environment where you wrestle with and come to know the Truth of Christ deeply.


Here, you can learn without competing for attention or trying to fit in. Our uniforms keep it simple. Our high standards keep things focused. Our friendly environment keeps it joyful.

A community where we love what God loves

The fruits of the spirit mean that you’ll be welcomed into our family. We’re a small community, so there can be occasional stress, but it’s more like a family with brothers and sisters than a concrete-block institution. We like it that way and we hope you will too.